Vibration Transmitted to Foundation

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Vibration generated in rotating equipment, for example compressors, pumps, fans, etc, are transmitted through foundation to other machines. Vibration of the plant floor contains a wide frequency spectrum. It is possible that one of these frequencies fall near a natural frequency of a particular machine. Although the amplitude of floor vibration usually are small, they may affect other machines such as precision machines.

Vibration transmitted through foundation may be reduced by vibration isolators. Vibration isolators have a property of high damping to absorb vibration. Some care must be exercised when applying vibration isolators to vibrating machines. A slight alteration of stiffness and damping could affect natural frequencies and mode shapes of the structure. Machine property should be properly understood before applying this method.

If vibration isolators are not properly selected and located, the machine may become more susceptible to internal exciting forces, and its performance may be affected in undesirable way. Many undesirable effects can be reduced by using isolators with:

1. high damping to absorb vibration

2. properly designed mounting locations that enhance the effective stiffness of the machine

Vibration isolators do not increase the machine lifetime since machine’s internal stresses still exist. it is a temporary fix to the problem. Patented XYO technology is able to reduce or eliminate vibration at the source automatically.