Piping Vibration in Machinery

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Excessive vibration in piping can cause destructive forces, large displacement or deformation which can result in serious damage or even catastrophic failure to the system. A piping system includes the pipework, pipe joint, welded seams, pipe hangers, flanges, and machinery connected to it. Piping vibration piping can be caused by vibration transmitted from associated machinery and restricted fluid flow. The most common cause is resonance of the pipe. 

Excessive vibration in piping can result in:

• Fluid leaking to the surrounding

• Broken supporting structures due to fatigue

• Cracks in piping or pipe failure

• Cracked flange plates

• Damage to associated machinery or hub

Other negative impact could reduce production capacity. 

Vibration analysis technique can help determine the piping system natural frequencies, vibration amplitude, and mode shapes. It can also identify badly installed supports and defective supports.