Compressor Test Results

Compressor Test Reports

The XYO technology shows significant improvements in compressor performance during independent studies. Perpetual Industries wants to work with innovative compressor manufacturers to optimize and implement the XYO balancer in their products. Contact us to see how your product can beat the competition using XYO

The XYO technology reduces vibration by compensating for variable mass imbalance during operation of a compressor. Tests on refrigerator compressors show that a prototype XYO balancer significantly reduces vibration and can have the following benefits:

  • Reduced power consumption
  • Lower noise emissions
  • Increased compressor efficiency


Vibration Decreased by 85%

Wire Compressor Results

Without XYO

With XYO


  • The results in this report are based on a prototype XYO balancer. While the results shown are significantly positive, it is possible to exceed and improve upon these results with further optimization.
  • 3cc and 9cc compressor model were tested with the XYO balancer; however, the XYO balancer can also be applied to much larger compressor units.
  • Perpetual Industries is looking for an innovative compressor manufacturer to optimize and implement the XYO balancer and give their product a strong competitive advantage.

In addition to the significant (85%) reduction in vibration, a number of other benefits have been quantified as shown in Figures 2 and 3.


Without XYO

With XYO

Decibel Reduction

Air CompressorCompressor vibration results in noisy operation and wear on the internal components. The primary cause of compressor vibration is mass imbalance caused by manufacturing tolerances. Attempts to address the problem include the use of bearings, springs and dampeners. Expensive and time-consuming balancing is also attempted to reduce vibration, but even the most careful balancing cannot fully address imbalances in the system or resolve imbalances that occur during operation due to wear and debris build-up.


The objective of this test was to determine the impact of a prototype XYO balancer on the vibration and overall performance of a refrigerator compressor.


Two single-cylinder reciprocating compressors were tested:

  • a 3cc model
  • a 9cc model

DiagramThe compressor and motor assembly were suspended by three spring mounts within a housing that is normally sealed and partially filled with oil. The housing was removed for these tests to install the prototype XYO balancer as shown in Figure 6.

The mass imbalance caused by the connecting rod and piston was located in the plane of the crank-pin. The prototype XYO balancer used on the larger compressor (9cc) had a capacity of, while that on the smaller model (3cc) had a capacity of The XYO balancer was located about 10mm from the upper bearing.

Note: The XYO balancer capacity can be designed for larger mass imbalances if desired.

Vibration measurements were taken using a key-phasor and proximity probes as illustrated in Figure 5.

In addition to vibration measurements for the 9cc compressor, a handheld sound level meter was used to measure noise emissions approximately 15cm from the compressor. Electrical current measurements were also recorded for the 9cc compressor to quantify the power usage reduction with the XYO balancer

3cc Compressor

Figure 7 and Table 1 summarize the reduction in vibration using the prototype XYO balancer for the 3cc compressor. The results are promising, and show a 78% decrease in vibration with XYO.


Without XYO

With XYO

Table 1. Summary of vibration results for 3cc compressor

Results in a table

9cc Compressor

Figure 8 and Table 2 summarize the reduction in vibration using the prototype XYO balancer for the 9cc compressor. The results are promising, and show a 85% decrease in vibration with XYO.

Vibration of 9CC Compressor

Without XYO

With XYO

Table 2. Summary of vibration results for 9cc compressor

Vibration of 9cc Chart

9cc Compressor (Continued)…

Figures 9 and 10 along with Table 3 show the reduction in power consumption and noise emissions using a prototype XYO balancer on the 9 cc compressor. The results are significant and XYO can give compressor manufacturers a strong competitive advantage.

Bar Graph

Without XYO

With XYO

Bar Graph of 9cc compressor

Table 3. Summary of performance results for 9cc compressor

Chart of Data

Air Compressor Balance

Implementing the XYO technology in the two compressor models showed significant improvements (85%) in vibration. Power consumption and noise emissions were also improved as a result of lowering vibration.

Compressor manufacturers can gain a strong competitive advantage by using XYO in their products, including the following:

Reduced mechanical wear on components increases the service life of compressors

  • Fewer warranty repairs will occur with reduced wear on internal components of the compressors
  • Compressor manufacturers can offer longer warranty periods to customers because of improved performance
  • Reduced power consumption will increase the marketability of compressor units
  • Lowering noise emissions allows the compressors to operate in quieter environments

The XYO balancer can equip compressors with the advanced performance figures that their manufacturers need to beat out the competition.

Perpetual Industries is seeking capable and innovative partners to optimize and implement the XYO technology in their products.