Industrial Fan Test Results

Industrial Fan Test Reports

The XYO technology shows significant improvements in industrial fan performance during independent studies. Perpetual Industries wants to work with innovative fan manufacturers to optimize and implement the XYO balancer in their product.
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The XYO technology reduces vibration by compensating for variable mass imbalance during the operation of industrial fans. Tests showed that a prototype XYO balancer had a significant impact on reducing vibration levels of these fans. Benefits of reduced vibrantion using XYO include:
  • Lower power consumption
  • Reduce noise emissions
  • Increased efficiency and performance
Industrial Fan Vibration Decreased by 83%
Vibration Results from Industrial Fan

Without XYO

With XYO

  • The results in this report are based upon prototype XYO balancer design.While the results shown are significantly positive, it is possible to exceed and improve upon these results with optimization.
  • Fans were tested with mass imbalances up to 2165; however, the XYO balancer can compensate for larger mass imbalances if desired.
  • Perpetual Industries is looking for a capable partner that needs the competitive advantage that XYO can provide.


Industrial fans, shown in Figure 2, have to be balanced due to imperfections during manufacturing; however the balancing process cannot compensate for mass imbalances that occur due to build-up of debris or erosion of the fan blades during operation. Improperly balanced, or damaged fans, and those with debris on the blades experience severe vibration issues which increase power consumption and noise emissions, and decrease product efficiency.

The XYO balancer can overcome deficiencies in the manufacturing process and compensate for imbalance changes while fans are operational.


The objective of the testing was to quantify the benefits of reduced vibration for fans operating with a prototype XYO balancer.


The testing was performed on three fans:

  • A factory-balanced fan
  • An unbalanced fan without XYO
  • An unbalanced fan with XYO installed

Vibration was measured with two velocity transducers mounted to the fan housing as shown in Figure 3.

Mass imbalances ranging from 0 to 21.65 grams were imposed at a radius of 100mm, giving a maximum imbalance of Six different mass imbalances were tested with and without the prototype XYO balancer: 0.00g, 7.25g, 9.25g, 11.25g, 16.45g and 21.65g.Balancing a Fan

Screws were placed at a radius of 100mm from the geometric center of the impeller to simulate the mass imbalance. The prototype XYO balancer was fitted to the unbalanced fan by removing the existing hub of the impeller (Figure 4). The fan assembly was supported on resilient mounts, secured in normal locations. The prototype XYO balancer was designed to compensate for a maximum of of mass imbalance.

Note: the XYO balancer can be designed to compensate for larger mass imbalances if desired.

Vibration was reduced by 83% when the unbalanced fan was fitted with an XYO balancer. Even with the largest mass imbalance used for testing, vibration was reduced by 81%.

The XYO technology shows immense capabilities when applied to industrial fans. Performance values are based on a prototype XYO balancer and can be optimized further by working with a capable and innovative industrial fan manufacturer who seeks a strong competitive advantage in the market.

Table 1. Summary of vibration results for factory-balanced fan and an unbalanced fan with XYOVibration data on Industrial Fans

Table 2. Summary of vibration results for an unbalanced fan with and without an XYO balancer

Vibration data on Industrial Fans

Industrial Fans Information

The XYO balancer showed significant improvements in vibration when applied to an unbalanced fan, up to 83%. Lower vibration levels can also provide other benefits for industrial fans, including:

  • Increasing product life because of reduced mechanical wear on the fan assembly
  • Decreasing power consumption due to smoother operation of the fan
  • Lowering noise emissions and allowing fans to operate at quieter environments
  • Overall performance efficiency of the fan will increase by lowering vibration levels, which are a primary source of energy loss
  • Lowering manufacturing costs by eliminating balancing of the impeller, or by avoiding fine-balancing
  • Cheaper and lighter components can be used in the fan assembly because they are not subjected to high vibration levels with an XYO balancer installed
  • Downtime losses can be prevented because the XYO balancer automatically compensates for variations in the mass imbalance caused by debris build-up on the fan or erosion of its blades

Perpetual Industries wants to work with capable and innovative industrial fan manufacturers to optimize and implement the XYO technology and provide a strong competitive advantage in the market.