Ways to Reduce Boat Vibration and Noise

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Some boats vibrate more and make a lot of noise. Vibration and noise in boat require immediate attention. Vibration and noise are related; vibration generates unwanted noise. Below are some ways to decrease vibration and noise on your boat:

Boat PropellersOne of the most common causes of vibration is a damaged propeller:  nicked, bent, or broken blade. This vibration can be transferred to other parts of the drivetrain and engine. This needs immediate action. You can diagnose the problem by running the engine without propeller at the RPM that caused the worst vibration. If the vibration disappears, you can assume that the propeller is the issue. To ensure that the unbalanced propeller is the problem, you can try another propeller which has been balanced.

ShaftsA shaft can be bent and causes a serious vibration problem. Proper inspection must be performed; for example using a dial gauge to check for run out.

StrutsStruts can loosen over time and can also be damaged if they are slightly misaligned with the shaft. Misaligned strut puts a lot of stress on bearings and can damage the bearings. If this condition is not detected soon enough, the bearings can fail prematurely. If struts are loose or damage, repair or replacement may be required.

BearingsBearings are used to support the shaft that extends from transmission to propeller. One of them can wear out due to vibration and misalignment. Bearings can be replaced when there is a sign of bearing wear. It can sometimes be detected by examining the bearing or moving the shaft side to side. Worn bearing may not be noticeable at first, but it is getting worse over time.

Engines and PumpsEngines could also be a source of vibration. Make sure your engine is not resonating and is secured properly to the hull. Your engine mounts are designed to isolate engine vibration from the hull. Engine room should be well insulated. Acoustical insulation helps reduce sound most effectively. Pumps should be seated on flexible mounts that absorb vibration.

Perpetual Industries’s Patented XYO Mechanical Balancer is able to solves vibration at the source. It can be applied to any rotating equipment. By implementing XYO balancer, mechanical wear can be avoided and less noise is transmitted to the air. Energy efficiency is also increased.

Boat Propeller Vibration

Shaft-strut-propeller assembly with XYO balancer behind the propeller