Vibration in Industrial Applications: Fans & Blowers

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industrial fan vibration

Air handling systems in industrial environments transfer large volumes of air to maintain adequate ventilation. These systems can range from small units with dimensions under a foot to extremely large units greater than 10 feet in height, depending on the specific application.

Before installation, each impeller undergoes a balancing process to minimize vibration when the unit is operational. Fans can often be balanced in a single plane, however blowers may have to be balanced at two planes if the have a large depth compared to the diameter. These costs add to the overall pricing for fan and blower products. Unfortunately, the initial balancing cannot overcome imbalances that occur after installation.

Machinery in industrial facilities are exposed to harsh environments that contain dust, debris, high humidity levels, and hazardous vapours; under these conditions, the impeller and body of a fan or blower can become unbalanced from debris build-up or damage. Imbalance that is not corrected can lead to excessive vibration and damage of the equipment and to secondary systems adjacent to it. Companies have to account for downtime and labour costs, or replacement costs, for these reasons.

Perpetual Industries’ patented XYO balancing technology has the advantage of being able to correct a range of imbalances that occur during manufacturing and after installation of fan and blower products. For more information and details, please see the test results of using XYO Balancer on Industrial Fans.