Variation in Imbalance of Rotating Machinery & Equipment

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Rotating equipment encompasses a wide range of products such as washing machinespower toolsfanscompressors, to name a few. These products are exposed to varying environments and operating conditions that can have a longterm impact on their performance.

As an example, pumps are ubiquitous in industrial plants and factories; they are used in applications ranging from nuclear power plants to chemical and waste processing facilities. Waste and chemical processing operations often deal with toxic and corrosive fluids that corrode internal components of the pump that they come in contact with. Cavitation can also cause severe damage to the pump impeller when vapor bubbles collapse on the impeller surface. Similarly, other rotating machinery such as fanscompressors and boat propellers also undergo damage from corrosion and wear during use that causes a mass imbalance and leads to vibration.

Rotating machinery and equipment that see an increase in vibration due to increase in the mass imbalance during operation have to either undergo maintenance to rebalance them, or have to be replaced, depending on the severity of the problem. Rebalancing and servicing equipment during operations leads to downtime and increases operational costs for a business.

Perpetual Industries’ patented XYO Balancer provides a lasting solution for imbalance that arises in operational machinery and equipment. It has the ability to automatically adjust itself to compensate for the changing imbalance in the system, and prevents severe vibration that may cause secondary damage to the equipment.

See the test results of XYO Mechanical Balancer in these applications:

By: Neil Mulji, Project and Test Instrumentation Engineer