Measurement and Data Acquisition Equipment

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Numerous companies specialize in supplying measurement and data acquisition systems. Equipment is available at various price points and with different capabilities. Selecting the appropriate equipment can save you time and money if done correctly. 

Before purchasing any equipment, it is important to identify your particular testing needs. Some factors to consider include:

• The type of measurements being gathered e.g. vibration, sound, power consumption, etc.

• The specific needs for the testing such as the required sampling and resolution.

• The environment under which the tests will be performed; industrial applications may require more rugged equipment.

• The longterm need and use of the equipment.

• The time required to learn how to setup and use the equipment; some software and hardware systems are easier to learn than others.

In some cases it could be better to invest a larger amount initially so that the testing and data acquisition equipment can be used in future testing and has a greater range of capabilities and applications. For companies and individuals looking to perform specific tests that will only have to be performed a few times, it may be better to hire a testing laboratory to complete the tests.

Test and measurement equipment is available in various price ranges, from hundreds to thousands of dollars; before purchasing any equipment it is important to consider your needs to help you identify a suitable budget.