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The XYO balancer reduces vibration by compensating for variable mass imbalance during the spin cycle of washing machines. The benefits of reduced vibrations include:

  • higher spin speeds
  • reduced energy consumption
  • lower noise emissions
  • less mechanical wear

Tests show that the XYO system has a significant impact on performance of the washing machine. Vibrations measured at various locations on the washer tub and body showed a dramatic improvement with an XYO prototype balancer. Energy consumption, spin speeds and noise emissions were also improved with the XYO balancer technology.

Washing Machine

Vibration Decreased by 89%

testing washing machines data

Without XYO

With XYO


  • The results in this report are based on a prototype XYO balancer for a GE front-loading washing machine, model GCV46800JWW. A separate report is available for two other front and top-loading washing machines, showing similar improvements using XYO.
  • A 1kg mass imbalance load was chosen as a good representation on an unbalanced load. However, the XYO balancer can compensate for a much larger unbalanced mass if desired.
  • While the results are positive, it is possible to further improve the washing machine’s performance and realize further benefits with refinements to the system.
  • Washing Machine ResultsFigure 2 demonstrates the higher spin speeds achievable using the XYO balancer.
  • The spin basket speed increased from 1051 RPM to 1080 RPM.
  • Higher spin speeds will enable greater water extraction with shorter spin cycles.
  • This will not only improve the energy efficiency of the washing machine, but will contribute significantly to shorter drying times.

Without XYO

With XYO



Washing Machine Results

  • Figure 3 compares the steady-state power usage during the spin cycle.
  • The XYO balancer reduced the power usage from 857 Watts to 489 Watts.
  • There is a 43% reduction in energy consumption that will improve the washing machine’s energy rating.
  • It also means the XYO balancer enables water extraction at a lower cost.

Noise emissions were decreased by 15%, from 75.2 dB(A) to 63.9 dB(A), with the XYO balancer installed, as shown in Figure 4. This corresponds to better perceived quality for the consumer and a better noise rating for the washing machine.

Vibration Reduced in Washing Machine

  • Figure 4 shows the noise reduction with the XYO balancer installed
  • Noise emissions decreased by 15%, from 75.2 dB to 63.9 dB
  • This corresponds to better perceived quality for the consumer and a better noise rating for the washing machine.

Without XYO

With XYO


  • Lower shipping costs by eliminating the use of heavy counterweights used to stabilize the tub during operation
  • Reduced manufacturing costs because mechanical items such as hydraulic dampers and springs can be removed, or replaced with smaller, lighter and cheaper components
  • Fewer warranty claims will result from the increased product life of the washing machine; excessive vibration will be avoided using the XYO balancer to reduce mechanical wear
  • Longer warranty periods can be offered to customers for a competitive advantage in the market

Washing Machine

During the spin cycle of all washing machines and extractors the mass imbalance caused by wet clothes can lead to violent vibration. Since excessive vibration can have negative impacts (e.g., increased energy consumption, increased noise emission and increased mechanical wear). Manufacturers have tried several techniques to reduce or eliminate vibration. Some examples of these techniques include: adding counterweights to reduce movement, implementing fuzzy logic systems to redistribute the load, employing elaborate suspension systems. None of these techniques solve the vibration problem at its source. In fact, they increase the manufacturing and shipping costs of the product.

    Figure 5. GE’s domestic front loading
washing machine, model GCVH6800JWW



XYO is a patented technology that can automatically compensate for mass imbalance in rotating systems. Although XYO can be applied to all rotating machines it is particularly well suited to washing machines. GE is a manufacturer of washing machines and could benefit from implementing the XYO technology into their platform. To demonstrate the benefits of implementing XYO to GE, XYO will be implemented into a GE 4.0 cubic foot front loading washing machine (GCVH6800JWW) shown in Figure 5. This particular model was chosen because of the large capacity, suspension system, and the counter weight improvement opportunities. Performing this prototype program will allow the benefits of XYO to be quantified and allow for a license.


The main vibration concern in washing machines is the motion of the spin basket. Reducing the displacement of the spin basket leads to many beneficial qualities of the system. The measurements presented here concentrate on quantifying the vibration of the spin basket and real world concerns such as noise and energy consumption. Values such as acceleration, spin speed, energy consumption and noise emissions were quantified on a stock machine and compared to a machine with the XYO balancer installed.

Weight in Washer drum
Figure 6. Mass imbalance
placed in tub
 Washer Drum
Figure 7. Accelerometer locations on washing machine tub
Mass Imbalance: A 1kg mass imbalance was applied to both
types of machines by securing
a rubber weight inside the
spin basket (Figure 6).
 Acceleration: Vibration levels for both machines were measured using 50g (100mV/g) accelerometers placed at multiple locations around the washing machine (Figure 7).

Washing MachineNoise:
 Sound levels were measured using an Extech HD600 sound level meter placed in front of the washing machine.Energy Consumption: Power usage was obtained with a current measurement transformer and a WattNode Pulse voltage readerSpin Speed: To measure rotational speed, a piece of reflective tape was placed on the spin basket wheel and rotation was detected by an optical pickup.

The following results show data for a single set of tests on the washing machine, with and without the XYO balancer. Figures 9 and 10 compare horizontal and vertical vibration levels of the front and back of the washing machine tub, respectively. Figure 11 compares vibrations at the right side, top and front of the washing machine cabinet. Figure 12, 13 and 14 show the difference in speed profiles, power consumption and sound levels, respectively. Table 1 provides a summary of the average measurements during 10s of steady state operation based on three test runs. In all cases, the XYO balancer showed performance improvements over the baseline washing machine running without a balancer.

Vibration Results

Without XYO

With XYO

Table 1. Comparison of steady state measurements on the washing machine

Table for Front Wash Loader

Based on the results, the front of the tub experience the greatest vibration levels, up to 4.385 g-rms in the vertical direction; the XYO balancer reduced it down to 0.679 g-rms, an 85% improvement. Similarly, the horizontal vibration declined from 4.253 g-rms to 0.660 g-rms, an 85% improvement.

The rear of the washing machine tub vibrates at 3.677 g-rms in the vertical axis; this number was reduced by 89% to 0.396 g-rms with the XYO balancer installed. Vibrations dropped 89% from 3.647 g-rms to 0.398 g-rms in the horizontal direction as well.

Vibrations around the outside cabinet of the washing machine were dampened significantly by the XYO balancer. Vibrations improved by 84% along the side of the cabinet, going from 1.123 g-rms to 0.181 g-rms. Along the top of the cabinet levels decreased by 94% from 1.493 g-rms to 0.089 g-rms. An 86% improvement was recorded at the front panel, with readings going from 0.688 g-rms to 0.096 g-rms.

The spin speed of the basket increased from 1051 RPM to 1080 RPM, a 3% rise, with the XYO balancer. It allows increased water extraction and reduced washing cycles. An added benefit was the reduced power consumption, which dropped from 857 Watts to 489 Watts during steady state operation–a 43% improvement. Noise emissions also decreased from 75.2 dB(A) to 63.9 dB(A), a 15% reduction. These performance enhancements make the washing machine more efficient and improve the product quality; this can provide a significant advantage to GE’s line of washing machines.

Washing MachineComparing washing machines with and without the XYO balancer, we have observed 84% to 94% reduction in vibration at various locations. Further improvements can be achieved if cooperation with a capable washing machine manufacturer is established. Some of the advantages of using XYO technology include:

  • Vibration reduction by implementing XYO will reduce premature part failures; therefore less warranty claims should be experienced.
  • The washer will spin faster because of reduced vibration. This will result in increased water extraction and reduced spin cycle time. This will also result in further energy savings due to less drying time.
  • By using XYO the manufacturer solves the vibration problem at the source. Thus, the manufacturer should be able to use less expensive components and avoid costly methods that were previously used to deal with problems arising from vibration caused by imbalanced loads. There will also be substantially less design changes due to unforeseen vibration problems.
  • The reduction in spin cycle time and direct reduction of energy consumed by the motor will translate into a substantial improvement in energy rating. This will result in a significant competitive advantage.
  • The reduced noise emission of a washer equipped with XYO will increase the quality of the machine and also provide a competitive advantage in the marketplace.
  • The manufacturing costs of the machine can be reduced by removing the heavy counterweights (25kg), which also has an impact on the hidden cost of shipping the units.
  • Complicated and expensive electronic imbalance detection is no longer required. By implementing the XYO balancer, expensive sensors and programming can be eliminated. This will translate into cost savings per unit.

There are many technical and competitive advantages for any washing machine manufacturer to integrate XYO into their line of washing machines. The reduction in vibration created by XYO leads to numerous benefits to both the manufacturer and the consumer. XYO works on all rotating machines and is extremely effective with washing machine applications.